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I am sorry to say that New Note Poetry will be on hiatus starting today.

I wish I had a more poetic way of expressing this sad news, but I would like to stay transparent out of respect for our dedicated readers and contributors.

Many may not know this, but starting New Note Poetry back in November 2021 was a spur-of-the-moment decision that I certainly do not regret. This magazine became one of my pride and joys. If circumstances were better, I would love to keep New Note afloat as long as possible. On top of being New Note's sole operator, I am also a full-time professor, writer, and father. The balancing act I did over the past few years has finally taken a toll on me. With that, I would like to refocus my attention on my teaching, my writing, and my family. I have some great news to share about all three. First, the college I teach at (Central Piedmont Community College) has a great literary magazine of student-only work called The Hammer. I have been chosen to be one of their new editors. Second, I am soon to publish my debut novel. I have been wanting to publish a novel since I was a child. Third, and most important news of all, I will be a father of two in July of this year. These changes have forced me to make this tough decision on New Note Poetry's future.

Allow me to address a few questions our readers and contributors may have.

Will New Note Poetry still be up to read?


I was previously published in New Note Poetry. What do I do now?

Because of First North American Serial Rights, you still own the rights to your poem. The New Note Poetry website will still house your poem, but you are free to republish your poem anywhere, and you are not required to give us credit. If there are any questions or issues, contact me at

Will there ever be another submission call?

Maybe in the future. We will certainly announce it.

What will New Note Poetry do now?

As a final send-off, I will compile and edit New Note Poetry's 2023 Anthology within the next few months. This anthology will pick 80 poems from our 2023 issues that encapsulate New Note's editorial mission: "Poetry is the jazz of the written word." The selected poets will be notified in the coming months, and my decisions will be announced on our blog. After the 2023 anthology releases, there will be no more quarterly issues or events until further notice.

There is nothing else I can say but "thank you" to all the wonderful people who have read and supported New Note Poetry. New Note has accomplished so much in two short years, and it is all thanks to you. I will forever be grateful for this experience. Hopefully, New Note will return stronger than ever before.


As always, poetry is the jazz of the written word.

Nathan Nicolau


Winter 2023

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